We are Orlando

In the wake of the Orlando disaster (and let's face it-this is a disaster for us all), it's hard to choose a path of love, understanding and tolerance. Hate and ignorance seem to surround us all, which breeds an anger that quietly boils just beneath the surface of things. Whether we realize it or not, we all think we're "the Good Guy" and we get caught up in the idea of being right. Regardless of your personal belief systems or political ideologies, the undeniable truth is the same systemic problems have lingered on in our country for so long, it often feels like we never truly seem to move farther forward. Rather we inch forward then we take huge strides backwards. Ignorance breeds ignorance breeds hate breeds bigotry. Oversimplified stories convince us to kill each other and we have developed a culture that does not encourage healthy debate. But you know, I actually have hope for us that we will speak out and stand up for each other as human beings - that one day we will get to the point where there is less focus on whether this one is that one, or that one is this one, or which one is what one, or what one is who.

We can defeat ignorance and embrace tolerance. As a great friend of mine said in response to this tragedy, "Now is the time for unity. Please extend love to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Please be an unwavering pillar of support for the LGBTQ community. Love can win. Acceptance can prevail. These narratives CAN be changed if we change them".

Love knows no gender. Love knows no race. Love just is. We are saddened and outraged to hear about these events and the hate-filled backlash that has come with it but please know that as a business serving this community, we are committed to the celebration of inclusivity and diversity.

Be strong.

Hold your head up.

Never give up.

In so many ways, this world is changing for the better.

Please be a part of that change.

"I've known straight people and gay people all my life. I can't tell the difference. People are people where I come from." Willie Nelson.

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Monday, 24 February 2020
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