Tips For Holiday Centerpieces and Décor


There are a few things to consider when choosing a centerpiece for your holiday event. First and foremost is your budget. Also, know how many tables you will have as well as the size and headcount of each. If your guests can't see one another, they'll have a hard time enjoying conversation. If your home or event space is darker than you prefer it to be, consider soft uplighting or include tea lights or votive candles (keeping fire codes in mind as many places will no longer allow open flame candles-so check first!). Conversely, if your home or venue is open and has a lot, natural light, choose vibrant centerpieces with more details.

The season and locale are also important. If your event is outside, make sure the centerpieces can withstand the elements and don't overlook your linens and tableware. Linens aren't just part of the background. They complete the picture. With these considerations in mind, here are some fun centerpiece ideas that can be tailored to any event! LED holiday lights are a great way to add elegance to almost any centerpiece! You can put submersibles in a water-filled apothecary jar or terrarium with other flowers, gems or greenery. These can be made easily and on a budget for any themed event. Floating candles are a popular and inexpensive way to add class to your event. Combine them with simple yet bold flowers, like hydrangeas or calla lilies, and you'll have an amazing centerpiece.

Keep things fresh with succulents. These are a great way to create beautiful centerpieces for a chic and rustic event. These can also double as favors. They're incredibly easy to take care of, there is a wide variety to choose from and they bring in those lush greens during any time of the year. Potted herbs are another simple centerpiece idea that gives the locations a fresh scent and can double as a favor.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020
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