How To Make Your Event Unique To You and Your Guest

A big part of our job as an event and wedding planners is to offer creative and thoughtful ideas to you, our client. Think about weddings and events you’ve attended. What made it a more special, interesting, and personalized event?

At my own wedding, my husband and I wanted our cake to really stand out. Not only did it have to be delicious, but it needed to look amazing and represent us both individually and as a couple. We went with a triangle shaped cake. One side dedicated to me, one to my husband, and the other for us as a couple. It included images that represented us and things we love and enjoy. Our cake was one of the most talked about things at our wedding.

Theme is important. It doesn’t matter if your theme is a color scheme or topic. Your theme needs to be consistent. When considering table numbers and seating arrangements, think about that theme. For a fundraiser for Hungry For Music, an organization that supports music education and cultural enrichment for underserved children, you could have each table be paired with an instrument. When your guests pick up their seating assignments, there could be a picture of the instrument and the centerpiece at that corresponding table could feature that instrument. Your tables need not have numbers!

Bring in more technology. Consider using a Tweetwall ( They're absolutely realtime and it takes 0.25 seconds for a tweet to show up on your Tweetwall after it was posted to twitter. Tweetwalls are completely customizable as well. Guests can comment, chat, and joke realtime with your original hashtag not only making your event unique, but involving social media to gain more recognition.

With DIY being so big, it's easy to lose focus or get overwhelmed. With EventsByMrButler, we have the creativity and expertise to help turn your ideas into a one-of-a-kind celebration.  

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Monday, 24 February 2020
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