Their Story...

 David decided to re-create their first date. Earlier that day while Fran was getting dressed, David walked into the bathroom, got down on one knee, and handed her a hair clip. Fran's initial thought was, "This better NOT be the proposal." Her second thought was, "I will not be surprised if this IS the proposal."

David had a plan. Shortly thereafter, they were off to some memorable places where it all started. As the night came to a close, David realized that a proper engagement required their dogs, Ari and Louis, to participate. He thought, what better place to propose than Wattles Park, their favorite grassy hideaway where they often relax and watch the pups play.

David somehow convinced Fran that a midnight park run was a great idea, most likely because Fran had imbibed an an Old Fashioned or two earlier that evening. Upon arrival, David got down on one knee and asked Fran to marry him. Fran said yes, with the dogs happily running around in the dark.