Rustic Glamour

Rustic Glamour


imageThe most amazing thing about a rustic event is that nature does most of the work for you. There is something calming about the dispassionate nature of the wild woods. It is silent compared to our lives, which are so full of noise. We are completely focused on our own little worlds, but here in the rustic charm of the country, we are small.

From weddings to family reunions, everyone wants to add a little sparkle to their event. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to bring glamour and opulence to the quiet hidden strength of the rustic country.

If you choose a location that has already been fitted for electricity, you can simply add string lights. Who can resist gazing into the stars at night? A starry lit ceiling makes any event more glamorous. You could drape string lights over chairs and tables at your event and cover the chairs with tulle of any color to match your palette for a whimsical and glamorous touch.

Large bold flowers, like dahlias or sunflowers make a big statement. And you need less of them because they are so large. Adding natural accents can be a great idea. For example, pine cones, antlers, or greenery found at the location. These can make for extravagant decorations as well as being more environmentally conscience.

Add a little vintage charm with burlap and lace to marry rustic with glamour. Write table assignments on an old window. Hang drapes from entry ways of a barn or at the entrance of a tree canopy. Mason jars can be used for many different accents. You can have them as centerpieces, as aisle decor or even as table numbers.

Whatever your celebration, adding a touch of sophisticated elegance to a rustic venue can be a snap.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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