Fun & Creative Summer Activities

Fun & Creative Summer Activities

Summer party themes are lively this year! Popular themes this summer such as camping, beach bum, and boardwalk are oldies but goodies. Outdoor movies are always in style. Popcorn, smores bars, and refreshing drinks in mason jars are the ticket to enjoying a balmy summer evening. DIY intimate settings with low seated tables and lots of comfy pillows are great for weddings as well as other summery gatherings.

Creative DIY napkin folds are in as well as personalized paper invitations. Folks are going back to their roots with personalized calligraphy and ornate cutout designs on their invitations. Brown craft paper table covers and crayons on guests’ tables will get those creative juices flowing; the drinks won’t hurt either!

Keeping your guests comfortable is paramount! Remember that your guests come first in this often unbearable heat. Make sure to provide plenty of shade, whether it be from large leafy trees or tents, and liquids to stay hydrated. Picnic-style intimate settings with lots of pillows will keep your guests comfortable. If your event is taking place in the later evening, make sure you provide plenty of string lights or lanterns so your guests can see each other; groping along in the dark isn’t fun unless you’ve decided to play a game of flashlight tag!

August has some obscure but interesting holidays to plan gatherings. August 7th is Purple Heart Day, a wonderful chance to celebrate the veterans in your life. The 21st is Senior Citizens Day; time to pull out those vintage vinyls for some lively dancing. August 28th brings us Women’s Equality Day; being celebrated in almost every state; a time to think about all the women, past and present who have fought so hard to get us where we are today!

No matter who you’re celebrating with, the EventsbyMrButler team can help you plan it all! Call us for a consultation at 202.607.3967 now!

Happy Labor Day!
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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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