1. Why should you hire a Wedding/Event Planner?

Professional wedding/event planners are your risk mitigators. There are an innumerable amount of details that go into making an event run smoothly. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t. The average person could spend well over 200 hours planning their special occasion. A good planner will save you time, energy and money.

2. Why should you hire EventsbyMrButler?

Our team is composed of professional planners and coordinators with over 25 years of wedding/event planning experience. We are dedicated to providing excellent service based on honest advice and expertise. Our primary concern is to coordinate and execute every detail according to your wishes so that you can relax, enjoy and have peace of mind on your day. 

3. My family member, friend or coworker has indicated they can assist with my planning process. Why not just let them do this and save the money?

Family members and friends have good intentions but we encourage our clients to consider these questions:

  • Do they have prior experience planning a large-scale event?
  • Would they be able to relax and enjoy themselves at your event?
  • Will they have the resources and people available to delegate any required event responsibilities before and during your big day?
  • Will they be able to effectively negotiate discounts with, hire and manage all the professional vendors associated with your event?
  • Are they able to foresee typical wedding/event planning pitfalls and troubleshoot issues before they happen and handle them accordingly?
  • How reliable and focused will they be on your special day?
  • Will they be cognitive of the constant time and effort required for planning your special event?
  • Will they be able to professionally execute your special day to your exact specifications?
Wedding planning is no easy task. Hopefully, the questions outlined above highlight some of the important tasks and priorities required to minimize your planning stress. EventsbyMrButler will handle all details flawlessly and have been doing so successfully for over 15 years. Allow your family and guests the opportunity to enjoy your special day stress-free. Turn to our team of professionals and we will take care of it all for you!

4. Does my package include decorations and or linens?

All of our packages are fully customizable and some packages come with all the amenities including decorations and linens. However, special linens and/or decorations can be added to your package for an additional cost.

5. Do you travel for destination weddings/event?

Yes, in addition to planning events locally here in the DC metropolitan area, 50% of our events are destination. We have 6 dedicated planners that are available for both domestic and international travel allowing you to have peace of mind on your special day.

6. I really like what you are offering, what are my next steps with booking your services?

Once we hear from you, one of our EventsbyMrButler team members will coordinate and schedule your 1-hour personal complimentary consultation! We can meet you face-to-face, Skype or have a phone conversation based upon your preference. After the initial consultation, we will follow-up with you via email with a proposal/letter of agreement based upon your vision and budget, then move forward with the signing of the contract.

7. What types of weddings/unity ceremonies do your packages accommodate?

Here at EventsbyMrButler, we believe that everyone should be able to celebrate their love and are honored to make wedding dreams come to fruition.  We cater to all religions, civil ceremonies, same-sex couples, vow renewals and more.

8. What other events do you plan, coordinate or manage?

In addition to wedding planning, we also coordinate Corporate events, Anniversaries, Engagements, Charity events, Wedding proposals, Vow renewals, Birthdays parties, Bar & Bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Graduation parties, Holiday parties and more.

9. Do you have an initial consultation fee?

No, our initial 1-hour personal consultation is complimentary. We pride ourselves on getting to know you through a face-to-face, Skype or phone conversation. However, future meetings without a signed contract will be required to pay a consultation fee at an agreed upon rate.

10. What is your event design expertise?

Event design and decorations is not just a business for us, it’s our passion. We offer a wide range of event decorations for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries and Graduations. Whether your event is intimate or grand we work with you to make it extra special and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.
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