Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Barbeque. Sun. Tikis. Party. Corn on the cob. Beach.

So many things come to mind when you think of summer. With summer comes the fun of outdoor entertaining. Here are some tips to make your intimate summer gathering one to remember.

The sun is magnificent. It can be toasty warm after a long snowy winter (or a short dry one, depending on where you’re from!) But the heat can get overwhelming too. So give your guests relief by placing your tables under a big shade tree or tents.

Provide sunscreen and bug spray so your guests don't get burned or bitten. You can keep them in a cute picnic basket or pass them out in little individual welcome bags. Put your salads in large glass jars with lids. This conserves space, looks aesthetically pleasing, and keeps away the bugs! Keeps bugs out of your drink with straws and a cupcake liner.

Make drinks cool and refreshing by adding fruit popsicles to glasses of champagne or frozen berries to lemonade or sparkling water. Serve bottled or canned refreshments in a “beer barrow!” Snack on your center pieces. Glass jars filled with cherry tomatoes, snap peas, carrots and other assorted veggies can double as centerpieces.

Make it fun with activities. Host an outdoor movie night. You can get everything you need from from a projector and big screen to blankets and pillows. Don’t forget a video source and sound system. You could use a laptop and DIY speakers. You could also provide entertaining games like Jumbo Jenga, volleyball or set up a pipe ball lawn game (kind of like skeeball).


Keep calm and stay cool!

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